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WRJCA - Junior Girls Competition

Game Information

Matches are expected to start in mid-November. U11 games are on Wednesdays, U13s on Mondays and U16s on Wednesdays. Players will be required to play at our home ground Saltwater Reserve, as well as playing away every second week, this will require you to travel to other grounds in the Western region. Note players must be available to play both home and away.



The objective of the club is to ensure that all players “have a fair go” and bat and bowl during each match.
Skills objectives:


  • Hit moving ball on 2 sides of wicket
  • Run between wickets with judgement and calling
  • Bowl over 18m with straight arm within batter's reach
  • Catch and throw >15m


The rules for the 2021-22 season have not been determined, but last season's WRJCA U16 Girls' competition had the following parameters:





Time (minutes)


Overs Per team


Pitch length


Number of Players

9 players (on field)



Retire after 20 balls (Any retired batters can return when all others have batted, in the order they retired)


All players bowl

6 players bowl 3 overs

1 player to bowl 2

Maximum 8 ball overs

Bowlers to bowl from one end only (both teams bowl from the same end)


Wicketkeepers - 2 for 10 overs each

Rotation of fielders is recommended for players to experience all positions

No fielders within 10m of bat or each other (except WK)


All modes of dismissal count (LBW 1 x Warning given)






Training is expected to commence in late October 2021:

Fridays - 5pm to 6.30pm at Saltwater Reserve


The club will make available bats, pads and helmets for players that do not have their own gear. However most players have their own equipment. If you are planning on purchasing equipment, we would suggest that you acquire cricket gear that is correct for your daughter now. Do not buy cricket gear that your daughter “will grow into”. Most of the major brands, for example Gray Nicholls have some fantastic kit offers which would suit most first time cricket players. If you are unsure of what to purchase, all of our Coaches would be very happy to advise you.
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Point Cook Cricket Club is a not for profit sporting group and we rely on the support of every players family to help in the following roles, Team manager, scoring, umpiring, match day helper (setting up grounds), club functions and fundraising. This year the coach will prepare a roster for each family itemising your responsibilities each week.   


Please note that a parent or guardian for each player is required to stay at the game. Players cannot be left at the ground without a parent or guardian present. If players are left unattended, they will be unable to take to the field.


We look forward to accompanying you on your cricket journey.


Enjoy your cricket.


If you would like further information or would like to help with this team please contact